Biggest SECRET of My Life ❤ | Valentine's Day | Anisha Dixit
Anisha Dixit
I have a surprise to tell you guys. Make sure you watch the full video. Happy Valentine's Day❤️
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Location courtesy: Olive Bar & Kitchen Bandra
Hair and Make-up by: @makeupbysurbhik (Surbhi)
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  • Anisha Dixit
    Anisha Dixit

    Guys, i have revealed a VERY VERY Big Secret which i finally wanted to share with all of you. I hope you will love & support us in our next chapter as well! Love you guys! ♥️

    • Prachi Bisht
      Prachi Bisht

      This is beautiful ❤congratulations😘🎉

    • Sonam Aggarwal
      Sonam Aggarwal

      Anisha Di... Firstly congratulations And secondly Om which date u got married??

    • Akhilesh Tiwari
      Akhilesh Tiwari

      fhkiuhc join date of this

    • Ali Hamza
      Ali Hamza

      Happy marriage mam.... Awesome couple

    • Geetha Patel
      Geetha Patel

      @JM Tamrin l do agree with u

  • Imad Muhammad
    Imad Muhammad

    Ewww he’s so black and ugly U could Marry me I’m better and fair 🤢🤢🤮🤮👫

  • yuti patel
    yuti patel

    sorry but Your husband is not handsome

  • Joy Das
    Joy Das

    Best couple. Oskar!!!!

  • RatanPriya Chanal Kumar
    RatanPriya Chanal Kumar

    U have nothing getting now

  • Famida Akter
    Famida Akter

    Congratulations Anisha

  • B Chittemma
    B Chittemma

    That's so sweet

  • Rosalin Barik
    Rosalin Barik

    You look fabulous 🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😜🥰😍🥰

    • Rosalin Barik
      Rosalin Barik

      Hit the like button as today is a very special day not only for me but also for anisha and all her followers. Love you all😘😘😘


    you're married i can't believe

  • Sagar Kothurwar
    Sagar Kothurwar

    Taklya hai 🤣🤣😆😆😂😂

  • Gia Keshari
    Gia Keshari

    Are you a Christian?

  • Fiction ASMR
    Fiction ASMR


  • Lipi Patel
    Lipi Patel

    #canlnisha i ship it!!!!!!!

  • Darshanie Singh
    Darshanie Singh

    Wow ... Thats so sweet ... Just happy for you ani..... ❤❤❤❤

  • ranjot1

    So Happy for you 😊❤

  • Alïzéë Nöör Päkëëzäh
    Alïzéë Nöör Päkëëzäh

    Congrats didi ap k liye bht bht khush hun ap dono hamesha saath rahe mein dua karungi aur di again happy married life😍😍😍

  • Mitali Karmakar
    Mitali Karmakar

    All the best

  • Aseefa Begum
    Aseefa Begum

    He is from India

  • Zaph Kumar
    Zaph Kumar

    Di di you are a christian

  • Zaph Kumar
    Zaph Kumar

    Love you didi

  • Usha Tripathi
    Usha Tripathi

    Congratulations didi👍👍seen selected☑ bf

  • Sharvi Wani
    Sharvi Wani

    Woww so preety she's looking !!!😀 Congrats🥳🥳

  • All about North-east
    All about North-east

    😓😓😓😓Meri kyu nahi ho. #shraddha kapoor ke bat ek aphi tho the. Wo b chali gayi kisi aur k sath 😂

  • Komal Gajjar
    Komal Gajjar

    Are you serious

  • salman khan
    salman khan

    Luv u mam 😭

  • Shafiqul islam s
    Shafiqul islam s


  • RamaKant Gupta
    RamaKant Gupta

    What the hell Yrr Dill Tod Diya Well Happy Valentine's Day Please Support To #kdtechmaster

  • Soumita Sarkar
    Soumita Sarkar

    Congrats di

  • basicsurfer08

    am glad you didn't go for looks instead i believe went for a good hearted guy....congratulations 😍

  • Arun Kamath
    Arun Kamath

    You two make a cute couple

  • Neha Nanda
    Neha Nanda


  • Shazia Javaid
    Shazia Javaid


  • khushisales surat
    khushisales surat

    I am soo happy didi

  • Masooma Hosseini
    Masooma Hosseini

    Ap kahaho

  • Mitra Mondal
    Mitra Mondal

    Very happy to know thik you

  • Mitra Mondal
    Mitra Mondal

    When were you married..I mean in which year??

  • Muhammad Luqman
    Muhammad Luqman

    Congratulations. Happy marraiage

  • Khushi Singh's Music
    Khushi Singh's Music

    Really aapne Shaadi Kari kab

  • Rehana Waheed
    Rehana Waheed

    What r you serious

  • Smruti Ranjan Mallik
    Smruti Ranjan Mallik

    di apki shaadi ho gayi mujhe believe nahi ho raha hai

  • maarij nagyal
    maarij nagyal

    Love 😍 from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  • Jameela Chaudhary
    Jameela Chaudhary


  • Atiya Khan
    Atiya Khan


  • Zahara Ansari
    Zahara Ansari

    Aur varun kon tha aap ka bf us ke saath kya kiya

  • Bina Makwana
    Bina Makwana

    this is how much love you 😁😊🤑🎉🎉🎈🎂

  • Ankit Rathore
    Ankit Rathore

    I m not feeling well

  • Sumita Pal
    Sumita Pal

    I am a very big fan of your

  • rahul bhartiya
    rahul bhartiya

    plz make a video with Kelip plzzz

  • satyam tripathi
    satyam tripathi

    Are you married anisha di, seriously?don't make us fool yrr . Is it true ?

  • Shefali Shah
    Shefali Shah


  • Yatendra Mohan Goyal
    Yatendra Mohan Goyal

    Please mention the piano music.

  • Shariya Maheen Ahmad
    Shariya Maheen Ahmad

    Soul mates ♥️♥️

  • kalpana sharma
    kalpana sharma

    Di.. the best channel..... I have ever saw 💌

  • Nomon Munir
    Nomon Munir

    She’s breaking barriers for instance women

  • saiful islam Midul
    saiful islam Midul


  • Hit Jo
    Hit Jo

    African ..marrying Indian beauty ..wowwww you both look soooo nice together 🥰🥰🔥🔥😍🤩🤩god bless you both love you

  • Swati Muttan
    Swati Muttan

    Hayedaiya 😂😂😂

  • Tulesh Jaiswal
    Tulesh Jaiswal

    India me koi ni mila

  • Marisha Agarwal
    Marisha Agarwal

    I'm so happy for you that you got to share this, but I thought you were married ages ago since you had the ring on in many photos on Instagram, oops 😅🙈 So I'm not surprised but definitely happy for you!!! 😍 Lots of love all the way from the Netherlands 🥰🤗🇳🇱

  • akash pandey
    akash pandey

    Why did you change your channel's name?