Cyclone Amphan: Living on the 41st Floor During a Super Cyclone in Kolkata | The Quint
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Amphan, the second super cyclone to form over the Bay of Bengal since 1999 and "a double challenge" due to COVID-19, made landfall in West Bengal at 2:30 pm on Wednesday, 20 May, and continued to cause destruction in the form of high-velocity winds and heavy rains till about early in the morning on 21 May. The Quint's reporter from Bengal gives a first-hand account of the ferocious storm from her 41st-floor residence in Kolkata.
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  • joker

    Grow up kids.. why are you crying..i am a former captian of cargo ship and i have faced even worse storm than these (on the boat) ya and i have even faced need to fear As long as you are under roof

  • Vivek Raninga
    Vivek Raninga

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a> SOUNDS LIKE GHOSTS IN HORROR FILMS.....😅😰

  • Chetana Kashyap
    Chetana Kashyap

    Oh, very scary!

  • Hari Kumar S
    Hari Kumar S

    Daily pray to God Go to Villa and and living there

  • bvudoc 8
    bvudoc 8

    This was a category 2 cyclone. The wind speed never crossed 160 and she is terming this as a super cyclone. But really felt bad for poor people who lost everything.

  • Swar Deeksha
    Swar Deeksha


  • Pooja Shetty
    Pooja Shetty


  • Pratibha Soni
    Pratibha Soni

    When she opens the door.. it's as scary as The Grudge horror movie 😶

  • Munna Gorai
    Munna Gorai

    Yes i know you know english a lot but that doesn't mean that you will talk in english only in the whole video there is much intrust in hindi to lesson the things


    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="310">5:10</a> crying??

  • ubuntuber

    fuck the slums, पाई पाई जोड़ कर आपने एक आशियाना बनाया, तूफान उड़ा ले जाता तो कितना दुख होता आपको।

  • Mr B Dan
    Mr B Dan

    41st floor, Cable cut off, No electricity, can't go down by lift, she is soo much scared with self claimed upscale security, she also realised what others faced compared to her proudly proclaimed privileges. Very disturbing and funny dose of journalism. It seemed class and level bragging during a time of people's crisis. Again I want to say! Disgusting

  • Interesting facts
    Interesting facts

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="124">2:04</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="134">2:14</a> man this more scary than some of the popular horror movies in bollywood

  • Bangla Bihar Odisha
    Bangla Bihar Odisha

    That’s the violent air flow! Hope everyone is okay 👌

  • Aarti Bhatia
    Aarti Bhatia

    Thanks god to save her fanily

  • MR DIY'S crafts
    MR DIY'S crafts

    May god help these poor people who are living in the slum areas , And save their homes and lives

  • Akshay Devadiga
    Akshay Devadiga

    During such crisis situations, the Aggressive Christian evangelists & the Muslim tabligis are converting the Hindus & the people of India living in the state of West Bengal who have lost everything being affected by the cyclone Amphan. Please DO NOT DONATE TO THEM UN-NECESSARILY. Check their Sources, Affiliations & their Credibility 1st.

  • YT sharktooth
    YT sharktooth

    Horror film ke sound effect bolteeee.....

  • Siddhant Kumar
    Siddhant Kumar

    Urbana I suppose

  • Habiba Siraj
    Habiba Siraj

    My heart goes out to all those who suffered this storm.May Allah keep u safe n healthy.I'll be remembering u in my prayers.



  • Miraculous Beauty
    Miraculous Beauty

    Mu je t o dar lag rahi hai

  • Miraculous Beauty
    Miraculous Beauty

    O mg

  • Dr.Bodhisattwa Mahapatra
    Dr.Bodhisattwa Mahapatra

    Do u want sympathy????

  • zainab zirapur
    zainab zirapur

    2020 is the worst year ever witnessed !

  • mohammad yousaf
    mohammad yousaf

    Good are safe 🙏 .... By the way just want to share what i noticed...your eyes are big and pretty...👍


    OMG.. It's now likely to hit Mumbai by 3rd June. My home is on the 23rd floor. Hope it just pass by from a little far from Mumbai in the Arabian sea.🙏

  • The Sarcastic Potato
    The Sarcastic Potato

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">2:08</a> omfg its so scary 😭😭 💀

  • Dipankar Sinha Sarkar
    Dipankar Sinha Sarkar

    Nice apartment. But you can use the same video for any other rainy days, no difference.

  • Druva Kumar
    Druva Kumar

    Fly a paper plane and have some fun girl 😉

  • Ishfaq Majeed
    Ishfaq Majeed

    some people live luxurious life some die of starvation,calamities & miseries

  • fusion_fever

    She was crying just bcoz her windows came off, what about those who roofs went missing,and despite she being a journalist (I guess),she will not make 1 vdo on governments precautionary measures despite super cyclone warning...

  • Shashi Sourav
    Shashi Sourav

    Ohhhhhhh the struggle People living in mudhouse and slums feel sorry for you....

  • trynaru

    Those winds sound so scarey.. god bless poor people living below..

  • weirdo voice music records
    weirdo voice music records

    the sound in the hall feels like horror movie sound😐

  • phalguni bandhab das
    phalguni bandhab das

    Cable cut off .... people died ... and she is mentioning cable is dead

  • my favorite atif Khan
    my favorite atif Khan

    You are worior

  • Henry Nongz
    Henry Nongz

    What more 2020?

  • Sarb

    She didn't mention the continuous swaying of the building, the most scary part.


    U didn't die ?? It looks like home tour 😂 nice makeup.. good acting when really people suffer outside..

  • Vazeer Mahammood
    Vazeer Mahammood

    Hope everything everyone recover soon n flourish rapidly more than the usual, May Allah bless them with courage n determination to recover soon

  • KUNDANcademics India
    KUNDANcademics India

    We can see how person loves their life

  • Sammya Senchowdhury
    Sammya Senchowdhury

    Why don't you go to South 24 parganas like hasnabad or namkhana like areas and live there so that u can get more proper devastating vedio and get more view

  • Shinjan Bhatta
    Shinjan Bhatta

    It was absolutely horrifying experience 😫😫😫😫😫😫

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar

    Dikhana kya chaahte ho?? Just asking to be judged literally..

  • Liza Mohanty
    Liza Mohanty

    Dramebaaz...... showing off her privileged lifestyle

  • Sri Nithya
    Sri Nithya

    Oh God! The Sound ...

  • elegy slp
    elegy slp

    Great reporting by Ishadrita indeed in the face of personal distress. Inspite of the terrifying circumstances you kept your wits about you and gave all of us a detailed description of this deadly disaster. Although I am sitting far away and watching this I can tell you that I am scared - I simply can't imagine the plight of the people who are at ground zero without any facilities. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the affected people ; one sincerely hopes timely aid reaches them.

  • Ananya Khanduri
    Ananya Khanduri

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="138">2:18</a> for a moment it felt like Men's are screaming

  • Shomer Tube
    Shomer Tube

    u can actually hear the wind IF I STOP TALKING clinically i don't think that's possible

  • Trikaldarshiii

    You were not able to open doors because of Bernoulli's principle, Its simple science.

  • Rohit Nag
    Rohit Nag

    Proves how much the quaint pays for selling ur country out

  • Varsha Patil
    Varsha Patil

    Government doesn't showed much about amohan storm only Mamta Banerjee seen talking about situation

  • Sukhdev Kumar
    Sukhdev Kumar

    very daring coverage

  • Moto Maniac
    Moto Maniac

    It's not just Abt north & south also included east Medinipur .. after Sunderbans ...the Digha, Haldia got heavily affected

  • Koustov Basu
    Koustov Basu

    Which apartment it is ?

  • Asylum data
    Asylum data

    At this point in time, its 1.21 am im watching this video..

  • Rosy Saha
    Rosy Saha


  • Rosy Saha
    Rosy Saha

    Idiot vedio

  • Urwasi Gadgadey
    Urwasi Gadgadey


  • Anindita Halder
    Anindita Halder

    Really that was a bad night for us.

  • sravan kumar
    sravan kumar


  • Venkata Chappidi
    Venkata Chappidi

    If u scared it’s ur problem why u r showoff in video is this for views lot I’d people are staying in tent out side go take their video and post

  • Shreyee Pal
    Shreyee Pal

    It was a drastic evening!!

  • UnicornLizzie Galaxy
    UnicornLizzie Galaxy

    I hate 2020

  • Mamud Aktar
    Mamud Aktar

    I am glad if they provide their phone number .

  • Satvik Shukla
    Satvik Shukla

    How scary it is😵

  • Anjali Sharma
    Anjali Sharma

    A lesson not to live in .high rises. Its completely unsustainable development

  • Kaleem Khan
    Kaleem Khan

    In this pray almighty God atleast this can be done!

  • Ranjeeta Gomes
    Ranjeeta Gomes

    Wat is the name of the place , building residence.

  • Siddhartha dey
    Siddhartha dey

    Overreacting to the power of infinity ... Get out and see still our ngo ar helping people who barely have anything to eat ... Living a lavish lifestyle on, and analysing the Strom stupidest presentation ever **** unsubscribed ...

  • Madhav Naware
    Madhav Naware

    Feel sorry. What to say ? God's fury ? May god bless the human race from the terrible times we are going through and return our khushhali back to us. Hare Krishna .

  • Natasha's Kitchen
    Natasha's Kitchen


  • Puja Goswami
    Puja Goswami

    Those who suffered that amphn they all were crying on that day N I m one of them.🤦 When ever think about that day my goosebumps.

  • Kiran Banerjee
    Kiran Banerjee

    Bangali hoye bangla bolte paren na? Nijer bhasa ke sanman korun....kuchu mone korben naa bollam bole

  • ichu haa yoon
    ichu haa yoon

    Omo are you ok

  • Baseerat Shah
    Baseerat Shah

    God help them !

  • Sandhya Isai
    Sandhya Isai

    Have you heard of cyclone hudhud which came in 2014. We stayed with out electricity for 2weeks,we had no water for 2days when the water came it was muddy and we got mobile signals after 2weeks and cable signals after 3 or 4 months..the cyclone made the complete city a trash and water flooded from driange and started to enter the homes, it was like hell for 28hrs 🙁

  • Vara Prasad
    Vara Prasad

    Omg... Wind sounds horrible..

  • Pvsk RAO
    Pvsk RAO

    in 2014 vizag faced hudhud. our governments constantly advised people to store additional gas supplies, rations, candles, water, vegetables etc. hud hud is having wind power of more than 200 kmph. but we are saved my trees and plants. they have fallen and saved us. we are in 2nd floor of apartment. carrying water by climbing steps is very difficult. u r good self is in 41st floor. omg

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