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  • hello 123
    hello 123

    I have the legendary Panasonic 103 inch yes 103 inches plasma viera the most bullet proof tv but I don't need to tell the whole world about it

  • Barbara Crespo
    Barbara Crespo

    🙆😁 jajajaja 👍😝

  • Raúl Méndez
    Raúl Méndez

    That's a laser projector not a TV dude, stfu

  • kavakuchiyama samatochi
    kavakuchiyama samatochi

    60000$ is fcking cheap... Yeah

  • kavakuchiyama samatochi
    kavakuchiyama samatochi

    I would want to watch BLACKPINK's MVs on that TV

  • hello world
    hello world


  • Wobble McDonald
    Wobble McDonald

    You don't look like a freak anymore with that silver hair.. keep it natural bud

  • R4MS3S

    How much is it worth?

  • Blerim Leci
    Blerim Leci

    You’re sister name is Parisa


    Same one I have

  • Milorad Kozic
    Milorad Kozic

    Mery meee. Sister of you

  • mazban sulaiman
    mazban sulaiman

    Your just like a 10 year old kid. Dubai people are like that

  • pulsar mania
    pulsar mania

    7:33 childish side of #MO 😃😍

  • Myk Bnc
    Myk Bnc

    You’re awesome 👏

  • VRZT V
    VRZT V

    Over 😒

  • VRZT V
    VRZT V

    U do over acting😒😒

  • umar sheik
    umar sheik


  • charan pyla
    charan pyla

    Ilanti overaction nenu ekkada chudla

  • sir samson rodriguez
    sir samson rodriguez

    7:53, yo mo, did u use to live in like jungle, cos Ive been doing that since 2014, u fake flexing shit

  • tech zone
    tech zone

    you guys are not understanding, mo is a super smart guy, hisense gave him a 100 inch TV for free, that means he made $9000 in 10.51 mins lol

  • weiny444

    YOYO YO it's your BOI with another dope vlog! Smash that like and hit the thumb up to watch me waste my parent's money on pointless material posessions

  • Rohan Tipnis
    Rohan Tipnis

    I not going to be Surprise in the next video with him in Glasses

  • حوري كوين
    حوري كوين

    مين عربي؟ يحط لايك💖

  • erfan chy
    erfan chy

    it is a PAID BY HISENSE

  • rizwan sparrow
    rizwan sparrow

    Your reaction is like a 5 years kid saw first time TV in his life. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Together Forever
    Together Forever

    Dope man . One day I need a set up like this

  • Varun Srivastava
    Varun Srivastava

    Thank you for making me feel poor

  • jimmy Arora
    jimmy Arora

    Whtt the new in dis video i have slready same TV 🙄🙄

  • Technotin

    get rid of this screen, Move the projector a little away from the wall, and you can get up to 400 inch, your wall is big enough

  • Rabbit PhOnE
    Rabbit PhOnE

    crush ♥️🔥🔥

  • Khurshid Awan
    Khurshid Awan

    It looks like he used a time machine from 1960 to 2020.

  • Lim Yong jun
    Lim Yong jun

    Nice good 100inhs tv good luck🤑🤑🤑👺🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😱😱😱😱🤗🤗😱😱🤗😱😱🤗🤗😱😱

  • Himanshu sakhare
    Himanshu sakhare

    Moo mai le lund vlog

  • Alex Brody
    Alex Brody

    I have a smart tv too,but smaller

  • ali4sry

    هندي بس يا صديق

  • Jaspreet Singh
    Jaspreet Singh

    Jaspeertsingh pubg ok

  • Omar Hossam
    Omar Hossam

    Nice video

  • Ethan Almeida
    Ethan Almeida


  • Hamza Mahmood
    Hamza Mahmood

    That isn’t even a tv it’s just a short throw laser projector with a projection screen on the wall hence why it weighs nothing and is just stuck to the wall it’s just a cloth projection screen the projector is the huge box below it on the cabinet. Still an awesome setup but this guy literally knows nothing

  • safmaxxx

    Who comes here only to see Lana! 😎

  • Chanel Diaz
    Chanel Diaz


  • ozzy aquanut
    ozzy aquanut

    C'mon people... you gota stop following this guy... he has the brain of a 10 year old...

  • Sidahmed Aissani
    Sidahmed Aissani

    I need 200 €

  • snonax G4MER
    snonax G4MER


  • Kedo Vey
    Kedo Vey

    Kutta baacha laura

  • Mahboob Ur Rahmaan
    Mahboob Ur Rahmaan

    Like a goat

  • zakaria zoon
    zakaria zoon

    No body: Literally nobody: Mo: O my God

  • 이재원

    형 이런게 간지지..너무 부러워ㅠㅠ

  • BM008 Motivational
    BM008 Motivational

    Did hi really say “A 100- inch T.V." “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 100- inch T.V."

  • Akash Shetty
    Akash Shetty

    F123k i

  • JN Ridesharing Bangladesh
    JN Ridesharing Bangladesh

    that's cool Bro! i like it

  • Vic aguilar Vlogs
    Vic aguilar Vlogs

  • Vic aguilar Vlogs
    Vic aguilar Vlogs

  • Kasinath Dhal
    Kasinath Dhal

    LED lights decrease your 100" tv s value

  • Rafi

    *Khankir Pola*


    Worst LED job i ve seen

  • Lil Boss
    Lil Boss

    My apple TV got a touch pad tho and your tv don't 😂so it ain't got everything still them ordanairy buttons

  • Lil Boss
    Lil Boss

    It looks smaller on the wall tho ... I'll stick to my aple tv

  • barca forever
    barca forever

    You realy like a dumb in this video

  • dance mania
    dance mania

    Now mo vlogs become a tech review channel...