The Batman (Robert Pattinson) - Official Camera Test Teaser
Director Matt Reeves has revealed a first look at the new bat-suit that Robert Pattinson will be donning as The Batman in the upcoming DC movie. Check out the camera test from The Batman right here.

  • Ernesto Reveres
    Ernesto Reveres

    What's the name of the soundtrack it's so goodam epic

  • Jack The Reaper
    Jack The Reaper

    Is this shot from same camera that used to shoot battle of winterfell?

  • RYUU X
    RYUU X

    You got anymore of them pixels?

  • Christopher Williams
    Christopher Williams


  • Big Riz
    Big Riz

    Is it growing on me?

  • The Joker
    The Joker

    I still miss Ben Affleck 😒

  • So Much Sin
    So Much Sin

    Maximum brightness to see the details.

  • IHaveNoIdeaAtAll73

    The suit looks like it belongs as a dlc suit from Arkham Knight

  • Wanna Be
    Wanna Be

    I thought he’s going ti be the batman beyond

  • Jerrold Donato
    Jerrold Donato


  • kissmyconverse

    It's aight!

  • Audra Evans
    Audra Evans

    DC finally found their thing. Lucky us.

  • Joe Ivan Aquino
    Joe Ivan Aquino

    Robert BATtinson.

  • Elena Sos
    Elena Sos

    Props to the person who came up with the idea for the batman symbol as the weapon of the one who killed Wayne's parents. Astounding idea.

  • Rezaul Aslam
    Rezaul Aslam


  • ahmed lammoshi
    ahmed lammoshi

    This is confirmed by the composer to be Batman’s theme in the movie but not the movie’s main theme

  • A Comment
    A Comment

    All kinda Daredevil vibes

  • Derth the ope
    Derth the ope

    Next stop: a riddler film

  • Faalil Mohamed
    Faalil Mohamed

    Loving it

  • Brandon Neely
    Brandon Neely

    It’s kinda weird how movie studios run things by us before the commit to actually making it.

  • Snap Tucker
    Snap Tucker

    Theme song sounds like Darth Vader's, it misses like one or two notes xD

  • Conner Grant
    Conner Grant

    Woulda been cool if when he lifted his head the eyes were white but ehhhhh

  • Rahul Khanna
    Rahul Khanna

    Worse batman ever

  • Ambrish Eshan
    Ambrish Eshan

    Background music of Batman sometimes sounds like Darth Vader theme song from Star wars, observe carefully.

  • sama ama
    sama ama

    noooooooooo pls OMG

  • Tom G
    Tom G

    great music. pattinson will surprise the doubters.

  • Hilarto

    Weak score ..

  • VidVoyeur

    ???? Couldn't see it. Only his face.

  • Oriz Khalas
    Oriz Khalas

    *new Batman movie coming out* Thomas and Martha Wayne: **chuckles** I'm in danger

  • Harsh Vardhan
    Harsh Vardhan

    Waiting for his entry

  • Deepanshu Kaushik
    Deepanshu Kaushik

    Its the DaredevilMan

  • Junk Dawg
    Junk Dawg

    I hope Rob knows when he is Bruce to be a lil more eccentric. Everybody knows Bruce is a lil crazy and suave and I would be upset if it didn’t get portrayed

  • Дмитрий Хвостик
    Дмитрий Хвостик

    Looks like a little bit downgraded Arkham Knight Armor. Amazing.

  • Junk Dawg
    Junk Dawg

    The more I watch, the more I’m intrigued. I wish they would’ve used a blue light instead

  • Bat Link
    Bat Link

    Never before have I been so happy to be so wrong about a casting. Robert Pattinson looks like he's gonna rule!

  • A Coul
    A Coul

    Pattison can't play OG Batman like Bale/Affleck because he doesn't have that "thickness". If they mirror or channel Batman Beyond in this in any type of way, it

  • Blacksea Sura
    Blacksea Sura

    Incredible 😍

  • Aseer Hameem
    Aseer Hameem

    I really liked the music

  • Saddam Khan
    Saddam Khan

    ist more look like dd ...

  • Mika Sihite
    Mika Sihite

    Daredevil season 4

  • K͙E͙N͙Z͙O͙ ͙B͙L͙A͙K͙E͙ 100
    K͙E͙N͙Z͙O͙ ͙B͙L͙A͙K͙E͙ 100


  • Ace Guardian
    Ace Guardian

    I keep coming back for the music!

  • Atupele Isaac
    Atupele Isaac

    I can't even see

  • IAmDeer

    Hes gonna kill it, im telling you.

  • parth

    Great music.....seems more like john carpenter has composed it.

  • Roach Lord
    Roach Lord

    I saw photo of this mask and thought it was cosplay..

  • Ejiama Iroegbu
    Ejiama Iroegbu

    They better rethink that cowl..... That's not Batman's cowl

  • Ejiama Iroegbu
    Ejiama Iroegbu

    Trailers now have trailers. Wonderful

  • Str8GookinTV

  • ozer ilhan
    ozer ilhan

    Imagine they ask you to play in new Batman movie. You receive the script and see your name on Thomas'#s dialogs... 🤦‍♂️


    Never expected DC to be this *DARK*

  • WN62

    I thought I was playing This War of Mine by accident when that music came on

  • Silvereon

    Besides the daredevil look, anyone else getting a Batman Beyond feel with the red?

  • Jza Gza
    Jza Gza

    Nothing will beat Christian Bale

  • DaveyIsA_lazzzyboy

    Highest Brightness Setting on your device: 𝓶𝔂 𝓽𝓲𝓶𝓮 𝓱𝓪𝓼 𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮...


    Theme sounds similar to the darth Vader theme

  • Arsl an
    Arsl an

    Skin looks like Batman Arkham knight 🤨🤨

  • Hatchett’s Gaming
    Hatchett’s Gaming

    I know It’s super weird so I know what you mean, it’s imperial March in a SUPER dark version that I can’t stop listening to, I’m honestly listening to this more than my usual music. It’s actually amazing in a way that a Batman film can never be and I LOVE batfleck..

  • Irfan Kamil
    Irfan Kamil

    Is this the same batman in joker?

  • Kevin's 3D Creations
    Kevin's 3D Creations